Saturday, February 5, 2011


As the different companies need different sections for the smooth functioning, The hotels are also classified into different departments prior to their services and assignment in the hotel.All the departments are equally important in any organization.The different departments of a hotel are categorised into front of the house and back of the house as per their functions.Front of the house means those departments which come to contact with guests and back of the house means the departments which do not come to contact with the guest but help in the management and functioning of the organization.The different departments of a Modern hotel are:
  1. FRONT OFFICE DEPARTMENT: Front Office department is the department which comes directly to guests contact at all times.This department plays an important role of in the image building of the hotel.The guests face in this department at first whenever they enter into the hotel including the time of check-in and check-out.In front office also, there are different sections which perform tasks as per their division like:
  • Reservation
  • Registration
  • Information
  • Travel desk
  • Lobby
  • Business center
  • Bell desk
  • Telephone operaters desk
  1. HOUSE KEEPING DEPARTMENT: This department is for the management of cleanliness of the hotel and public areas,cleanliness of the linens and uniforms etc.
  2. MAINTAINANCE & ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT:This department is responsible for the repair and maintainance of the hotel equipments, electricty, plumbing, carpentry, masonry etc.
  3. F&B (FOOD AND BEVERAGE) PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT: This department prepares the food and beverage as per the guests order in the hotel. There are different skillful chefs in the hotel for cooking and preparing the dishes.
  4. F&B SERVICE DEPARTMENT:This departments means different outlets in the hotels like coffee shops, speciality restaurants, bars etc where food and beverage are served to guests.
  5. LAUNDRY DEPARMENT:This departmeant is responsible for the cleaning and maintaining guests and hotel staffs, as well as hotels launderable items in the hotel.
  6. HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT: This department is responsible for the hiring and firing of the staff,providing uniforms checking attendance, organizing training and providing the rights of the employees.
  7. PURCHASE DEPARTMENT: Purchase department is responsible for the purchase of all the required items in the hotels.
  8. SECURITY DEPARTMENT: This department is responsible for the providing the safety and security for all the guests as well as staffs and the hotel premises.The  security guards are responsible for this purpose.


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